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What is Fair Milk?

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Fair Milk

Milk is a valuable foodstuff that many people consume every day as it is or also in the form of cheese, yogurt and chocolate. Producing milk involves a lot of work.

Yet the payment dairy farmers receive for their milk has steadily fallen since 2001. At the same time, production costs (i.e. fodder costs, rent) have risen dramatically. Tens of thousands of farmers have stopped dairy farming - with dire consequences for many regions in Europe.

To counteract this trend, dairy farmer prices must cover costs. It is with this aim that dairy farmers in many countries across Europe have joined forces in the European Milk Board.

The European Milk Board‘s pan-European campaign "The Fair Milk" points out new paths to fair prices for consumers and farmers. A first step was the introduction of Faironika - the life-size artificial cow in the colours of the individual countries.  It´s name refers to the term "fair". You can find it almost everywhere in Europe. No matter whether it is Ireland, Germany, France or Croatia – Denmark, Austria, Italy or Sweden – or Switzerland, Spain, Scotland and Wales, as well as Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands – everywhere you can find Faironika, Onestina  or Justine (In some countries those last two names remind people of fair and honest prices). The second step is the introduction of a product Fair Milk. In Austria you can already buy a Fair Milk. The price, farmers get for that milk, allows them to cover the costs of production.

Until the Fair Milk as a product will be introduced in more countries, we suggest to buy milk and milk products from direct marketing close to where you live. Especially in the case of Germany we suggest to purchase milk from the dairies  Berchtesgadener Land, Upländer Bauernmolkerei or Andechser Biomolkerei Scheitz.

It is also very helpful for the dairy farmers, when you ask for Fair Milk in your supermarket. So the retail knows, that consumers are interested in buying such a fair product.