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National reports

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National reports

Category: France 25.11.2009

Blocades of milk laboratories in France - 60 % of french milk volume cannot be delivered

Especially in the western part of France milk laboratories are actually blocked by a large number of dairy farmers.  According to the french dairy farmers' association "Association des producteurs de lait indépendants (APLI)" about 60% of the french milk volume won't be delivered. With this action farmers want to...

Category: Press, Country reports, Germany, Croatia / Eastern non EMB member countries 02.11.2009

Protest actions in Czech Republic, Germany and Italy

Czech Republic - massive protests

Several hundredthousand liter milk have been spilled on fields the 29th and the 30th of October in Czech Republik. The newspaper "Hospodarske Noviny" announced that it be the first time that farmers spill out their products in the country. The President of the agricultural chamber...

Category: Austria / Switzerland, Press 07.10.2009

Protest actions in Europe


Today since 7.30 am: blocade of milktrucks in western Switzerland

Tomorrow: action against export subsidies, fires of protestation

All the time information of farmers at animal expositions, etc. about current situation of milk sector


Today:  meeting in Parliament

Tomorrow: big fires of...

Category: Germany 07.10.2009

Solidarity from Mexico to european dairy farmers

Estimado Romuald.Hemos seguido con atención los acontecimientos de su lucha en Europa y les expresamos nuestra solidaridad fraternal, aunque retrazado el documento, espero que sea util para levantar mas los animos de los lecheros que estan luchando por sus justas demandas.Un fuerte abrazo.Aldo...

Category: Croatia / Eastern non EMB member countries 02.10.2009

Protest against the EU Commission’s dairy sector policy

The protests against the current EU-milk policy, which have been started by dairy farmers from the western european countries like France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italie, Austria and Switzerland are now extending to eastern Europe. In a petition scores of organisations of the dairy sector have vehemently...

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