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Dear dairy farmers and interested parties,

Our milk powder action on January 23 definitely "stirred things up" - photographs of the powder-dusted Council building did the rounds in the international media. A hundred dairy farmers from all over Europe used this symbolic action to communicate their message to European Agriculture Ministers: Stop selling intervention milk powder and draft a law for a permanent crisis instrument! We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our fellow protestors from Lithuania, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Denmark, and the supporting organisations Via Campesina, Oxfam and SOS Faim as well.

Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan did not comprehend our action and reacted along the lines of: "But milk prices have risen in recent months and the European Commission is managing the sale of milk powder in a responsible manner. So what do those farmers out there want?" The EMB has therefore sent a letter to Commissioner Hogan explaining the reasons for the milk powder protest in detail. This to clarify that Europe's milk producers still have an unsatisfactory market situation.

Through this symbolic action, European milk producers wanted to make it clear to policymakers that we are a long way from cost-covering milk prices and a permanent crisis instrument is also a must to ensure stability on the dairy market. Voluntary production cuts have shown that volume reduction in possible. The Commission must now continue to take decisive action and introduce a permanent crisis instrument so that production can be scaled back in times of crisis (refer to our Market Responsibility Programme).

Though the European Commission has sold only 40 tonnes of skimmed milk powder from public intervention so far, there are however over 350,000 tonnes waiting in the wings, which corresponds to 3,500,000,000 litres of milk. We advocate for the milk powder to be kept off the market as it would ruin the slowly recovering prices. We are also against this milk powder being sent to Africa and destroying local farming structures. Dairy farmers in Europe and Africa need a functioning market!

The EMB is going to continue to fight with all its might for a balanced dairy sector. We will continue with our political efforts and keep a close eye on the European Commission, the Agriculture Ministers and the new President of the European Parliament. Policymakers must create a permanent crisis instrument once and for all! The EMB will continue with its strongly symbolic actions - we are definitely not going to run out of ideas anytime soon!

Erwin Schöpges, EMB Executive Committee member

EMB milk powder event


In a major milk powder action in Brussels, European milk producers demand: Stop selling intervention milk powder! - Draft a law for a permanent crisis instrument!


Video: "Spectcular milk powder event in Brussels"

Photos milk powder event



Milk crisis: Exports to Africa are no solution at all


The European milk crisis caused by the lack of any instrument regulating production and markets is far from over. Thousands of dairy farmers are still working at a loss owing to the price collapse, farms are being forced to close, and thousands of milk producers are giving up their farms as they cannot make a living out of it.


OPL Spain: Do they want us to reduce or produce more?


The Spanish Milk Producers’ Organisation OPL (Organización de Productores de Leche) has issued its reply to the statement of the European Commissioner for Agriculture, Phil Hogan. They argue that there has been no such rise in the price of milk in Spain or in the other countries of the European Union.


Danish analysts see the development of farm-gate prices positively, but differently

© wikimedia

The National Association of Danish Dairy Farmers (LDM) invited three market analysts to a recent Danish agricultural exhibition to give their view on the progress of on-account prices.


Lessons from the dairy crisis

© AbL

Now that the situation on the dairy market is slowly easing up and most dairies are once again paying farm-gate prices just above 30 cents after a good two years, the farmers' association and politicians finally admit: Yes, there was, in fact, a dairy crisis!


France: A farmer suicide every other day


A farmer commits suicide every other day in France, with the numbers particularly high among farmers raising dairy cows and beef meat herds. Faced with financial difficulties and the lack of prospects within the sector, farmers see ending their lives as the only way out.


CETA: Vote in the European Parliament

© Marten van Dijl, Milieudefensie

After the vote in the parliamentary committee at the end of January, the European Parliament will soon vote in plenary on the trade agreement with Canada. CETA opponents have mobilised against this free trade agreement by organising a European day of action.


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