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Dear dairy farmers and interested parties,

The situation on the European milk market continues to deteriorate and the decisions and measures adopted by the Commission in March have proven to be - as was clear to see from early on - ineffective and inappropriate as a way out of the current crisis.

The situation in Europe is drastic: Milk prices paid to producers are well below production costs and there is no hope of sustained improvement in the coming months.

The situation in Italy mirrors the rest of Europe: An increase in milk volume (around 2%) and in production of cheese without protected designation of origin (which has however gone into storage on a large scale due to shrinking demand) has led to a collapse of prices. The farms that continue to survive are the ones that concluded production contracts in December 2015 and January 2016 at 31-33 cents. The spot price for milk is currently in a free fall and individual prices below the 20-cent mark have been recorded. We are seeing a clear downward trend and things will only get harder as of June when the contracts signed in December and January will expire.

Good news from Luxembourg: The 3rd European Fair Milk Conference will take place this year on June 30 and July 1 in Ettelbruck. After the success of the Conference last year during the EXPO in Italy, this year will look at the results achieved so far and determine the future direction of the event. This year as well, the "Golden Faironika" will be awarded to policy-makers, organisations and farmers who have contributed to improvements in the dairy sector.

The EMB will continue to fight for a fair milk price and a European volume control system for producers.

Roberto Cavaliere, EMB advisory board member and president of APL Italy

The milk volume must be cut!

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Uncommon agreement dominated the extraordinary hearing of experts in the EU Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development on the new market measures to reduce the volume of milk (25/05)


United for a responsible dairy policy!


Urgent appeal by European and African producers to policy-makers

In a joint statement, European and African farmers appealed to policy-makers on both continents to advocate for fair and responsible solutions to the milk market crisis.


Current projects: Support for local dairy farmers in Burkina Faso and Zambia

© Oxfam

Overproduction in Europe is casting a shadow on Africa: Milk powder exported at dumping prices puts local production under significant pressure as more and more consumers reach for these cheap imported products. Local milk producers can therefore no longer live off their work.


The milk crisis in France - Analysis and details of possible solutions

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Excerpt from the contribution by Organisation des Producteurs de Lait (OPL) about the milk crisis

In favour of regulation: absolute consensus

Today, all French farmer organisations are asking for supply regulation – it is the only sensible solution out of this crisis.


TTIP and CETA: Attacks on the milk market

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Negotiations on the planned trade agreement between the EU and Canada (CETA) were concluded in September 2014; up until a few weeks ago, judicial examination was ongoing in both Canada and the EU and the agreement is now ready for ratification.


Trading away our farmers

© Friends of the Earth Europe

Friends of the Earth Europe has published a report in April, showing that TTIP could have major impacts on farming and food production in the European Union. The report shows how the TTIP trade deal will favour factory farms over family farms and increase corporate concentration in the agriculture sector.


Third European Fair Milk Conference


On June 30, the already third European Fair Milk Conference will be held in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg.

For several years now the European Milk Board has been drawing attention to the necessity for cost-covering milk prices with the slogan "Fair Milk".



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