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Dear dairy farmers, dear interested parties,

World Milk Day was on June 1 –   a good occasion to celebrate milk. Milk is our life. We, dairy producers in our countries and within the European Milk Board (EMB), do everything in our power to produce a healthy product and also provide numerous services to society.


The last few weeks have been politically exciting: The European elections have produced a politically-diverse parliament. In the coming months, we will get to know the new members of the Committee on Agriculture who will have a major influence on European agricultural policy over the next five years. We need prudent minds who can provide us producers with efficient instruments in the event of market disruptions, and put the dairy market on a stable footing.

The newsletter, once again, includes articles from the individual countries. This time, there are reports from Germany, France and Latvia. I would also like to report from Denmark, my home country, about the current problems with the Arla Foods cooperative.

In a cooperative, all members have the same rights and obligations. All members have the right to equal treatment. All members have the right to receive the same price for milk of the same quality, and all members have the right to supply the desired quality and quantity. Prices must be transparent, without secret or hidden agreements, and all members must be subject to the same conditions.

In a cooperative, additional individual agreements can be introduced, but in Denmark they overrule cooperative rules. The new contract recently sent by Arla Foods to its members is an individual agreement. A contract that provides for a high degree of secrecy and transfers power from the Board of Representatives to the Board of Directors.

Like all other corporate structures, cooperatives have advantages and disadvantages. But as long as Arla Foods is meant to be a cooperative, we will stand up for our cooperative rights. The members have provided the equity over the years and are the true owners of the cooperative. It's about our money and our rights!

Kjartan Poulsen, EMB Executive Committee member and President of LDM Denmark

1st June: World Milk Day – Milk is our life


Milk has nourished humankind since the dawn of time and has allowed our advanced civilisations to progress. Milk is pure and untouched, and it is now impossible to imagine life without it. Milk is a nutritive mix of proteins, fatty acids and lactose, together with folic acid and a number of vitamins and minerals. In fact, milk is one of life’s simple pleasures.


Arla is hi-jacking the Danish coop tradition

© Pixabay

Arla Foods (AF) has distributed an agreement, which they originally wanted everyone to sign by 1 May. However, the deadline has been postponed to 1 June as a response to opposition raised by Danish milk producer organisation LDM.


A new power balance in the European Parliament

© European Parliament

Will agricultural policy in the European Parliament take a new direction? It is clear that the existing power balance has shifted post the elections held at the end of May. The large groups – the European People's Party (EPP) and the Social Democrats (S&D) – have lost seats and currently do not have a majority. The Liberals (ALDE) and the Greens are celebrating significant gains.


Latvia: Campaign to promote local milk

© Arta Upmale

Year after year we see a decline in the consumption of locally produced milk in Latvia. This is triggered by both an increase in the volumes of imported products and changes in people’s eating habits. Given that the key concern of the Latvian Agricultural Organization Cooperation Council (LAOCC) is boosting the consumption of dairy products produced locally, the council has set to launch the “Honest Milk” campaign.


Information from Germany


Working on the sector strategy 2030

Under the leadership of a Steering Committee (German Farmers' Association, Dairy Industry Association, German Raiffeisen Association), a common strategy 2030 is to be drawn up by autumn 2019 and then presented to Federal Minister Julia Klöckner.


Milk producer demonstration in Paris – Interview with Sylvain Louis, APLI chairman


On 14 May 2019, a few dozen French farmers, members of the French association of independent milk producers (APLI National), went to Paris to stage a demonstration near the Ministry of Agriculture. The aim: denounce how the Egalim Law has been implemented to date. Sylvain Louis, president of APLI, tells us about this day of protest.



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