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Dear dairy farmers, dear interested parties,

In solidarity and with one voice

The associations of the European Milk Board (EMB) held their Members' Assembly in the Black Forest ten days ago, where they discussed the current situation. The reports of dairy farmers – from the Netherlands to Lithuania – are similar: Farms in many places are financially at the end of their tether. This year's drought has only made things worse and has further decimated farms already running on savings. After a number of difficult years, farmers have burnt through their financial reserves. Farms are going out of business every day, morale among farmers has hit rock-bottom and it is no surprise that young farmers see no future in the sector.

It is disappointing to see that concrete solutions are still slow to come from EU policy-makers. The Member's Assembly was unanimous about cost-covering prices and fair producer income being the only way to guarantee milk production in the long-term. The EMB is going to continue to strive for cost-covering milk prices and to ensure that effective crisis instruments are included in the Common Agricultural Policy.

The words 'solidarity' and 'fair' were heard very often at the Assembly. The unity and team spirit of European colleagues to work toward a stable market was plain to see, as was their solidarity toward producers in developing countries. Milk powder from overproduction in Europe should not end up flooding local markets in Africa!

For many years now, the EMB has spoken in favour of a fair trade policy and against milk powder exports at dumping prices. In October, two of our colleagues were in Burkina Faso in West Africa to support African small farmers in their efforts to strengthen local structures.

This newsletter also includes a report from this trip with impressions from a completely different world, which is, nonetheless, confronted with some of the same problems. Overproduction in Europe is driving farming, here and beyond, into the ground.

Erwin and Adrien – Thank you very much for your efforts in West Africa. I am proud of you and your commitment!

Boris Gondouin, member of EMB Executive Committee and APLI

"We call for a responsible dairy policy and an effective structure for the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU"


At their latest Members' Assembly in Germany, the 20 dairy farmer associations of the European Milk Board (EMB) reiterated their demand for a healthy dairy market. While meeting in the Black Forest, producers from all over Europe agreed that an effective crisis instrument as part of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform, cost-covering prices and fair producer income are key requirements for a sustainable dairy sector. These features are absolutely necessary to ensure generational renewal as well.


Travel diary Burkina Faso – Week of solidarity among producers

© Adrien Lefèvre

Travel report by Adrien Lefèvre, milk producer and Vice-President of Fairefrance, who travelled to Burkina Faso accompanied by his Belgian colleague Erwin Schöpges, President of EMB and Fairebel (19-26 October 2018). Aim of the trip supported by Oxfam-Solidarité: Support for "mini dairies" in Burkina Faso and development of the fair local milk brand "FaireFaso" to strengthen local producers.


French dairy sector companies: They have achieved turnover equivalent to 8 years in just 7!


French dairy sector companies are doing very well, in fact, two of them (Danone and Lactalis) are among the top-ranked dairy companies in the world. Between 2006 and 2016, the cumulative turnover of French dairy sector companies grew by 28% to reach 31.9 billion euros in 2016, while during the same period, producer prices were at an absolute low: less than €300/1000 litres!


Solidarity - Farmers across Europe working towards the same goal


The situation of farmers in Europe is well known and most farmers can feel it first hand every day, especially when they have to pay bills. We farmers do not want to accept this anymore, but none of us can change anything on his or her own. We must reach a situation where we stand together and can show that it is not just a few farmers who want change.


BDM Regional Team for Bavaria at the heart of European policy-making


In mid-October, the BDM Regional Team for Bavaria hosted a very special event in Brussels, "the capital of the EU." The Regional Team organised an evening with MEPs at the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria, which is located in a small, picturesque castle.


What's the matter with the dairy sector?


2013 – 2018: Realistic cost studies illustrate the true situation on the dairy market in the last 5 years

That is, in fact, a good question: What is actually going on in the dairy sector? Let's begin with some figures: 32.58 and 34.68 cents/kg. These were the average milk prices in Belgium and Germany respectively over the last five years.


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