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EMB-day of action - the 25th May 09 in Brussels

The EMB will be there, when the agricultural ministers of the European member states are going to have a conference in Brussels the 25th May 2009. 1000 dairy farmers with a mobile cow barn and their cows will be in front of the EU-Council building and they will present to the ministers once again: It is not possible to gain fair milk prices without a flexible volume control.

The 25th May - last year this was the day, when the final decisions were taken towards the start of the milk delivery stop on the 26th May 2008. Already at this point the EMB-organisations had pointed out the importance and necessity of frame conditions concerning the milk market. The results of false political decisions leading towards a liberalisation of the milk market are obvious today. The situation on the milk market is catastrophic, the producer prices are around 20 to 25 Cents in several countries. This means a general loss of perspective and endangers the existence of our farms. Therefore we renew our demand:


"Flexible volume regulation for fair milk producer prices"

with a big EMB-day of action: "Mobile cow barn in Brussels"

the 25th May 2009

Meeting point: 10:00 Square in front of Gare du Nord


From there we will go with tractors to the meeting location of the ministers, Council building Justus-Lipsius, Rue de la Loi 175. Here the cows and Fair­onikas will move into their mobile barn and the participants will gather at the lawn in front of the EU-Council building.

At 12:30 the EU-agricultural ministers are invited for a snack with dairy products and you are also very welcome to attend.

kind regards

Romuald Schaber
(president of EMB)

Romuald Schaber (DE): 0049/1515503 7174
Sieta van Keimpema (EN/NL): 0031/612168000
Sonja Korspeter (FR): 0049/1786021685

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