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12.06.09: Update to French situation

The events of the dairy farmers from France

Enclosed some information about the events of protest of the dairy farmers in France that took place last week :

-  In Auvergne in Cantal Department, a dairy farm of the Lactalis Group is still blocked in Riom-ès-Montagnes. The situation is the subject of a lot of disputes, the dairy farm pressed charges because milk was no longer collected even though the farmers had blocked only the exit. The above mentioned dairy farm pressed charges against FDSEA saying they cannot collect milk if they cannot produce finished products.

- The workers of the 3A dairy farm from Saint-Mamet-la-Salvetat protested against the blockade of their factory because they fear unemployment.

- in Puy de Dôme Department dozens of dairy farmers blocked the acces to Clermont-Ferrand street to express their solidarity with the blockade in Cantal. There was a discussion with the prefect. They issued an ultimatum according to which milk should be collected. After reaching their goal the exits of the streets were lifted.

- in Paris, demonstrations of Jeunes Agriculteurs (JA, Young Farmers of FNSEA) in front of the Ministry of Agriculture took place on the 5.06 (Slogans: Dairy farms blackmailers, 28 cents, disgraceful price)

- in West France, dairy farmers, called by the FNSEA, blocked the access and parking lots of shopping centers.

- in Doubs Department, dozens of inscriptions were discreetly written on the streets, but with a great impact for the press, «Milk 280 €/t, the disgrace of the politicians», «milk à 28 cents per litre a disgrace – producers – consumers – are misled».

- in Calvados Department, 30 dairy farmers lifted the customs on the highway A13.

- In Tarn Department dozens of dairy farmers posted a big banner on the town hall, accusing the agreement between FNPL and the dairy inddustry of the last week’s negotiatians. They also threw away milk and agriculture waste and put pallets on fire before the town hall.

- 50 dairy farmers emptied more than 20 tonnes of garbage in front of the Direction Départementale de l’Equipement et de l’Agriculture in Tarn.

- in Saint- Étienne in Loire Department hundreds of dairy producers blocked the access to the Prefecture and to the Administration Department (an event of the Confédération Paysanne)

- on the 7th of June in the Finistère Department and Sarthe, dairy farmers blocked the distribution center of the Leclerc supermarket. An event of the JA. This event drove to violent verbal conflicts between dairy farmers and the 200 employers of the distribution center, who wanted to defend their jobs. The blockade is still going on until a compromise is reached.

- on the 8th of June in Champagne, in Sarthe more than hundreds of farmers from all branches of production emptied 60 trucks of garbage and manure in front of the distribution center Socamaine of the Leclerc Chain.

- in Loire-Atlantique Department, 400 dairy farmers gathered in front of Lidl-aquisition center in Sautron, Sunday evening, according to Joël Limouzin, president of FRSEA Pays de la Loire.

These events are continuously led by FDSEA (Departemenale Sektionen of FNSEA) and JA (young branch of FNSEA), who do not agree with the negotiations with their union, which took place last week.

The Confédération Paysanne also protested in certain departments.

On the part of OPL-EMB-CR the list of the events that took place last week and the ones that are planned take place:

- Demonstrations of OPL-EMB together with Confédération Paysanne, Wednesday the 10th of June in Nantes.

- A dairy producers meeting in bretagne called by CR/OPL-EMB end of June

- Monday, the 8th of June, there was a meeting of dairy producers in Calvados called by Coordination Rurale – OPL. 400 farmers gathered at this meeting who voted with 85% in favour of milk strike. A similar meeting will be organized in Orne Department.

OPL-EMB as well as CR and APL start receiving better echoes from the press:

- Articles in the press : Libération, Le Figaro, France Agricole, Paris Normandie, La Nouvelle République, La Montagne Cantal, La Dépêche, Ouest France, Territoire et Horizons, L’indépendant, Centre Presse, Les Echos, Le Télégramme, Sud Ouest, L’Est Républicain, La Voix du Nord, Vosges Matin, Midi Libre, Challanges…

- More than 25 dispatches AFP (Agence France-Presse)

- More references on the internet, especially on Google, that point to the newspapers that describe our position, but also agrarian web sites : Terre Net, Agri Hebdo.

- TV and Radio coverage: France Info, Journal France 3, Télé Agricole…


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