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zeitpunkt.ch: EU-Milchmarkt: "Es geht absolut nicht mehr."

Europäische Milcherzeuger nehmen Dahinsiechen ihrer Höfe nicht hin und verkünden entschlossen Aufstand der Bauern

Es geht absolut nicht mehr

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Category: Press, Austria / Switzerland, Belgium / Luxembourg / Netherlands, Germany, France 04.03.2010

Paris: 2000 dairy farmers from France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland

The dairy farmers of EMB have gathered the 1st of March at the International Agricultural Fair (SIA) in Paris to demonstrate for a new system of dairy market regulation. As „funeral march“ the farmers went through the halls of the fair, accompanied by the strong sound of the cowbells, and impressed a lot the present consumers...

Category: Austria / Switzerland, Press 07.10.2009

Protest actions in Europe

Switzerland Today since 7.30 am: blocade of milktrucks in western Switzerland Tomorrow: action against export subsidies, fires of protestation All the time information of farmers at animal expositions, etc. about current situation of milk sector Austria Today:  meeting in Parliament Tomorrow: big fires of...

Category: Austria / Switzerland 17.09.2009

Österreich: Bundeskanzler Werner Faymann lädt Milchbauern zu Gesprächen

Presseaussendung IG-Milch, 16.09.09 Bundeskanzler Werner Faymann lädt Milchbauern zu Gesprächen Die Zukunft der bäuerlichen Landwirtschaft hat für den Wohlstand und den sozialen Zusammenhalt in der österreichischen Bevölkerung eine zentrale Bedeutung. Daher lädt Bundeskanzler Werner Faymann, Vertreter der Milchbauern zu...

Category: France, Austria / Switzerland, Belgium / Luxembourg / Netherlands, Croatia / Latvia / Lithuania, Denmark / Sweden, Germany, Ireland / Scotland / Wales, Italy / Spain, Press 16.09.2009

16.09.2009 Country report

The rebellion can not be stopped any more. This is how the EMB expresses the message at todays press conference in Brussels. The reports from the different european countries confirm this impression: all over Europe there are organized many actions, about which the medias are reporting very well and also positive. The...

Category: Austria / Switzerland 15.09.2009

Schweiz: Pressestimmen

telebasel.tv: Bauer verschenk Milch Bauer verschenk Milch

Category: Austria / Switzerland 15.09.2009

Österreich: Pressestimmen

Pressespiegel Pressespiegel

Category: Press, General, Austria / Switzerland, France, Belgium / Luxembourg / Netherlands, Germany, Italy / Spain 13.09.2009