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16.09.2009 Country report


The rebellion can not be stopped any more. This is how the EMB expresses the message at todays press conference in Brussels. The reports from the different european countries confirm this impression: all over Europe there are organized many actions, about which the medias are reporting very well and also positive. The mobilisation to encourage dairy farmers stopping deliveries of milk is in full swing. And there are more and more transnational actions planned in order to show solidarity among the european dairy farmers to the public. „While planning the actins, we keep contact with our collegues of the neighbour countries“, says Fredy de Martines of the LDB in Luxembourg.

„In Italy things are shaping out well“, says Markus Hafner of the italian APL. Yesterday  he has opened the tap of his milk vat under attendance of the italian medias. The feedback of the press is extremely positive. During the coming days there are several actions planned in cooperation with collegues from Austria and Switzerland. Dairy farmers continue activating their collegues to open the taps of their milk vats as well.

In France the Minister of Agriculture, Bruno le Maire, has announced to support dairy farmers with 300 Euros per person, remarks Willem Smeenk of the french dairy farmers’ organisation OPL. Yesterday there was a meeting between Le Maire and representatives of the APLI to show at least his willingness to cooperate with the french dairy farmers. Today there are special media-effective actions planned. The dairies enhance pressure on farmers and hereby provoke further far-reaching actions. In some regions already more than 50% of the farmers are participating the milk strike. Tendency is increasing.

In Luxembourg there are still about hundred dairy farmers striking. Yesterday 50.000 litres of milk have been yielded on a field and the public has been informed about this in a press conference. „A huge amount of information is released by the press“, says Fredy de Martines. Actions are continued every day.

Germany: this afternoon a group of organic dairy farmers have opened the tap and had invited the press. „We must not watch our french collegues striking“, says the initiator of this action Gyso von Bonin. In the region of Ortenau there are already 75% of the farmers participating the strike. The number of strikers in Germany is actually admired to a couple of thousands. Yesterday there has been hold a huge number of actions in front of some german dairies. Farmers have unloaded silage and grass with the message: „Do make your Milk yourself!“ Today farmers yield milk with manure barrels in almost every german state on one special place. Regional media is reporting a lot, which is quite important for the motivation of the local dairy farmers. National medias are reserved, but still having a positive intention.

On Tuesday, 15th of September, there was an discussion with the german Minister of Agriculture Ilse Aigner. She emphasized her engagement to reduce the amount of milk.

Dairy farmers in Belgium are in commotion. The milk strike has spread to the region of Flanders. Furthermore there has been hold a huge action this afternoon. Altogether more than 3 Mio. litres of milk have been collected and about 450 dairy farmers have yielded milk on a field near Ciney, Belgium with their manure barrels. This creates a picture for the public which gets under the skin.

In Austria there are still hundreds of dairy farmers striking. The mood and the attitude concerning the milk strike is positive. All the farmers get mobilised. There are many little actions planned for today. A very big action is in preparation. 

In the Netherlands yesterday milk has been given to consumers in several town centres. The actions are succeeding. The dutch conservative farmers’ organisation has brought out a 10-items-plan and resumes, that a strike is not to solve the problem. Together with their german collegues special actions are prepared, we will surely learn about the details very soon.

In Switzerland in some regions up to 100% of the local farmers are striking. Nervousness of the processing industry is increasing. Today in Aigle, district capital of Valais, there was a tractor convoy with about one hundred tractors. Such demos are planned for each day. The participation of dairy farmers is increasing. 


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