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Category: France 15.09.2009

APLI: French dairy farmers call on German colleagues to show solidarity

APLI: Press Information President Massol: “We caught on. Now let’s grasp our joint opportunity.” The President of the French “Association of Independent Milk Producers” (Association des Producteurs de Lait Independants), Pascal Massol, turned to the German colleagues in an open letter today. “After four days of strike I can...

Category: Press 15.09.2009

APLI: Motivation by Pascal Massol

Dear fellow European dairy farmers, By this evening, 50% of the French dairy farmers will have joined the milk strike since it started three days ago. It is the fruit of long months of our labour in the field. We recognised that we were responsible for the failure of the first European strike. We realised that to take on a...

Category: Press 15.09.2009

Greetings and support from Taiwan

Dear friends and colleagues of Europe:Taiwan Farmers Association and ATOAP (Association of Taiwan Organic Agriculture Promotion) strongly support your Europeanwide strike for getting decent prices for European milk producers, prices that must make liveable incomes for you all.Through this message, we bring you our...

Category: France 15.09.2009

France: Revue de presse

LeMonde.fr: En Loire-Atlantique : "Je préfère jeter le lait plutôt que d'être esclave des industriels" En Loire-Atlantique : "Je préfère jeter le lait plutôt que d'être esclave des industriels" lafranceagricole.fr: Crise du lait / Space: Jean-Michel Lemétayer vivement interpellé par des...

Category: Austria / Switzerland 15.09.2009

Schweiz: Pressestimmen

telebasel.tv: Bauer verschenk Milch Bauer verschenk Milch

Category: Belgium / Luxembourg / Netherlands 15.09.2009

Belgique: Revue de presse

Ma TELE (TV locale)http://www.matele.be/content/view/4482/166/http://www.matele.be/content/view/4483/166/RTBF (TV public)http://www.rtbf.be/tv/revoir/detail_jt-13h?uid=09-TIJAP100-258-13&idshedule=34667d13bea0830435998f13d054cce7...

Category: Germany 15.09.2009

Deutschland: Presestimmen

rundschau-online.de: Trecker blockierten Discounter Trecker blockierten Discounter rundschau-online.de: Bauernprotest quer durch Gladbach Bauernprotest quer durch Gladbach rundschau-online.de:Deutschland will Milchbauern helfen Deutschland will Milchbauern helfen rundschau-online.de: 8000 Liter Milch aufs Feld...