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European milk producers in revolt for flexible, market-oriented supply control

Hamm, 07/09/09: Situation of milk producers in Europe coming increasingly to a head – European Commission sticking rigidly and inflexibly to further liberalisation of the milk market. Tension is mounting.

Dear Sirs,

In talks and at events the European Milk Board (EMB) and the individual member organisations have time and again explained the measures required for milk production in Europe that is both future-oriented and sustainable. But we keep coming up against a brick wall, the politicians are doing nothing.  

“We do not expect any change in direction of the EU milk market policy, which is vital to the survival of the dairy farms, from today’s European Ministers of Agriculture conference in Brussels”, says Romuald Schaber, President of the EMB. The rumour in the countryside throughout Europe is that the milk producers are not prepared to stand by and let their farms go under because of the market situation, for which the politicians must share the blame.

That is why the EMB is holding a Members’ Meeting in Paris on 10/09/09. It is being held just a few days after the meeting of the European Ministers of Agriculture and is to discuss how to proceed further. The aim is to decide on how to push through the EMB’s demands already presented to the press in Brussels on 01/09/09. Immediately after the Members’ Meeting, the representatives from 14 European countries will make their way to the Esplanade des Invalides in the centre of Paris. Milk producers from all over France and the Faironikas of several countries will already be waiting there for the beginning of the demonstration and the press conference.  

You are cordially invited to take part in our press conference with cheese tasting at 11:30 in the marquee at the Esplanade des Invalides. There representatives of the EMB Executive Committee and milk producers from France will inform you how the milk producers in Europe intend to proceed.

Should you have any queries, you can reach us on 0049/1786021685.

Yours sincerely,

Romuald Schaber
(President of the EMB)

        Romuald Schaber, President (DE): 0049/1515503 7174
        Sieta van Keimpema, Vice-President (NL, EN, DE): 0031/612168000
        Ernst Halbmayr, Member of the Executive Committee (DE): 0043/6649249635
        Pascal Massol, President of the APLI, France (FR): 0033/670517303
        Daniel Condat, President of the OPL, France (FR): 0033/6 07 08 62 40


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