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“Solidarity with dairy farmers”

Letter of a French veterinarian to his trade union

Dear Colleague,

As you are aware, the dairy farmers are going through a severe crisis, and if their action comes to nothing, on both a national and international level, this crisis is likely to go on, resulting in the closure of many farms and a great strain on those remaining. All that will inevitably have an impact on the work and survival of rural veterinarians and on the other professions that work with the farmers: milk inspectors, inseminators, agricultural mechanics, food retailers…

I therefore suggest that our trade union establishes contact with the other professions’ trade unions to form a sort of “support committee” to back the farmers and to have the opinions of their members heard on both a national and a European level. In these hard times the farmers are relying on their true partners. We mustn’t let them down, especially since it’s in our interest to help them.
I’m counting on you to get in touch with the national leaders of our trade union.

Kind regards,
Dr Hanachi, French veterinarian in Carrouges

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“Solidarity with dairy farmers”

Letter of a French veterinarian to his trade union

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