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The Caesar Prize for Advertising: the “Fair Milk Luxemburg” packaging comes second

The packaging design of the “d’fair Mëllech” brand Luxemburg came a proud second place in the awarding of the Austrian Caesar Prize for Advertising 2012 in the “Packaging” category.

The Caesar Prize 2012 award ceremony was held in Linz on 22 November. Berthe Elsen, Member of the Board of Fairkooperativ Letzebuerg, accepted the certificate on behalf of her organisation. SPS-MARKETING – an Austrian advertising agency – had created the design for the pan-European Fair Milk campaign. Mr Norbert Schrangl, Managing Partner of SPS-Marketing, was therefore particularly delighted by the nomination: “Fair Milk has been a successful project in Europe for years, and this recognition of the  Luxemburg milk packaging is a further milestone in and further confirmation of this success”.

Fairkooperativ Letzebuerg was set up in 2011 by 46 dairy farmers in Luxemburg. At the same time it started selling “d’fair Mëllech” products. To date these include “d’fair Mëllech” UHT 3.5% and UHT 1.5%, as well as “fair butter”. Sales are rising considerably – to the delight of all the members.

“Fair Milk” is a pan-European project of the European Milk Board (EMB). It stands for fair payment to dairy farmers, for healthy food and for a family farming culture. The project was started in Austria, but there is now Fair Milk in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg as well. The Fair Milk packaging is invariably in the respective country’s national colours and so has recognition value. The Fair Milk design is deliberately different from traditional milk packaging.


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