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BDM Symposium: "We need a lot of staying power"


On January 29th, 2011 the this year's BDM symposium took place in Berlin. One thing became clear: milk produers have already reached a lot at the national and at the European level.

You can find a detailed article in the German section of our website.

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Category: France, Germany 03.09.2010

German and French Ministries for Agriculture were presented with a list of 10 minimum criteria

Paris / Berlin, 02.09.2010: The European Milk Board (EMB) has presented the Franco-German working group, initiated by the Ministries for Agriculture in Germany and in France, with a list of ten minimum criteria. This list defines the conditions which contracts between milk producers and the dairy industry, have to meet. EMB...

Category: Press, Austria / Switzerland, Belgium / Luxembourg / Netherlands, Germany, France 04.03.2010

Paris: 2000 dairy farmers from France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland

The dairy farmers of EMB have gathered the 1st of March at the International Agricultural Fair (SIA) in Paris to demonstrate for a new system of dairy market regulation. As „funeral march“ the farmers went through the halls of the fair, accompanied by the strong sound of the cowbells, and impressed a lot the present consumers...

Category: Germany 28.01.2010

„Milcherzeuger im Soft Landing – Braucht der Milchmarkt Regeln?“

BDM Presseinfo

BDM Symposium „Milcherzeuger im Soft Landing – Braucht der Milchmarkt Regeln?“: Experten aus Wissenschaft und Praxis stellen aktuelle Exportausrichtung der EUMilchmarktpolitik in Frage

(Berlin) Rund 2.000 Milcherzeuger aus ganz Deutschland waren am Samstag der Einladung des Bundesverbands Deutscher...

Category: Germany 28.01.2010

Gründungsversammlung des BDM Young


Gründungsversammlung des BDM Young

Hier können wir etwas bewegen!

Berlin. Die offizielle Gründungsversammlung des BDM Young fand am 22.01.2010 im ICC Berlin statt. Anwesend waren rund 120 interessierte junge Leute zwischen 14 und 30 Jahren aus ganz Deutschland. Die Referentin Ilona Zeimens stellte das Konzept des...

Category: Press, Country reports, Germany, Croatia / Eastern non EMB member countries 02.11.2009

Protest actions in Czech Republic, Germany and Italy

Czech Republic - massive protests

Several hundredthousand liter milk have been spilled on fields the 29th and the 30th of October in Czech Republik. The newspaper "Hospodarske Noviny" announced that it be the first time that farmers spill out their products in the country. The President of the agricultural chamber...

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