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Germany: BDM - dairy farmers will help themselves

(Freising) The situation on the milk market and the slow reaction of politicians has been the reason the BDM has developed a draft to decrease the pressure on the market. This draft adresses producers, dairy and politics to the same degree. It is a voluntarily obligating reduction of volume with financial compensation (FMS). In the following days the producers, dairies and politicians will receive a letter that explains the contribution of each actor.

With the FMS each farm has the opportunity to reduce its quota by 10 per cent. In general this could lead to a reduction of 5 per cent in Germany.

The following calculation shows the financial compensation:

With quota of 100.000 kg

reduction of 5 %:

5% x 0,2 Cent = 1 Cent x 95.000 kg volume = compensation of  950 Euro


at reduction of 8 %:

8% x 0,2 Cent = 1,6 Cent x 92.000 kg volume = compensation of  1.472 Euro


Press contact: Hans Foldenauer, Tel.: 0170-5638056 oder Jutta Weiß, Tel.: 0921-16 27 170-12

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