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About 2000 participants at final manifestation of lady dairy farmers campaign in front of federal chancellery in Berlin

the female dairy farmers of the BDM demand summit for milk crisis headed by chancellor Merkel

dairy farmers in front of German chancellery in Berlin

Dairy farmers from Germany and also Belgium and Austria went to Berlin to join their colleguages in Berlin at the final manifestation on sunday 17th May. In the face of the ever deteriorating financial predicament of milk producers, 250 lady milk producers from all over Germany gathered spontaneously last Monday, May 5th 2009, in Berlin in front of the Federal Chancellery.  They demand from Chancellor Merkel the immediate convening of a Milk Crisis Summit Meeting.  Balance on the market can only be restored through an immediate change of direction of the milk policy and through the introduction of flexible volume regulation.    Since Federal Chancellor Merkel failed to accommodate the demands of the milk producers, six of those ladies had gone on hunger strike. 

BDM president Romuald Schaber thanked the lady farmers for their strong action and deplored, that chancellor Merkel did not even talk to them. "We will observe, if there will be something done to improve the milk situation in the future. If not, the farmers will give their answers to the politicians on the federal elections this year.

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Press release17th May (German)

Press release 11th May (German)

Press release (German)


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