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Overview of today’s actions listing the respective contact persons

Thousands of European Milk Board (EMB) dairy farmers will be demonstrating with their dairy cattle in over ten countries on 29 April 2009 for flexible supply control.


France/ OPL:

Demonstrations with tractors, trailers, outside the prefectures nationwide, talks with prefects; meeting with Minister of Agriculture Barnier Summary1 fileadmin/Dokumente/Press_Release/einzelne_Länder/BASSE_NORMANDIE2.pdfSummary2

Contact: Jean Louis Naveau - 0033/682922373

 /APLI: handing over 1000 letter to prefect;

Contact: Pascal Massol - gaec.bouviale@wanadoo.fr


Germany/ BDM:

demonstrations outside farming authorities in Stuttgart with 10.000 people and 200 tractors and in Hanover with 3.000 people and 15 tractors. Press release (German)

Contact: Romuald Schaber - 0049/1515503 7174

Spain/ PROLEC:

Follow-up to big demonstration in Madrid on 16 April

1. Large gathering of 400 dairy farmers, consumers, politicians 2. meeting with industry; press release (spanish) Contact: Esther Lopera 0034/68 5990460


Austria/ IG-Milch:

2000 people and 400 tractors at big tractor rally to Vienna to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Chancellery, demands handed over to the Federal Chancellor more about this

Contact: Ernst Halbmayr 0043/6649249635


400 people at manifestations with tractors all over Northern Italy Press release (Italian), Contact: Roberto Cavaliere 0039/335 635 6361

Czech Republic:

5000 people at several protest marchs for example at square of Peasant Revolt in Chlumec, near Hradec Králové;

Contact: Josef Kucera - 0042/0602359033

Denmark/ LDM:

Big manifestation aimed at the Danish candidates for the EU Parliament in Hovborg, Jütland;

Contact: Kjartan Poulson - 0045/21288899

The Netherlands/ DDB, NMV:

Press campaign as a follow-up to the big " Dairy Night" on 14/15 April; Press release 29.4. report 15th April

Contact: Sieta van Keimpema - 031/612168000

Belgium/ MIG:

800 people and 100 tractors at silent protest march and demonstration outside the Ministry in Namur, talks with Minister Lutgen;

Contact: Erwin Schöpges -0032/ 497904547

 /BDB: open letter to dairies; Contact: Bernd Jacobs - 0032/495101064

Luxembourg/ LDB:

Press conference in Luxembourg City - talks with politicians

Contact: Fredy Martines - 0035/2998831

Scotland DFOS/ UK:

More than 100 dairy farmers with calves and Faironikas talking to politicians in front of Scotish parliament

Contact: Doris Robertson - 0044/7979 315083

Switzerland/ Uniterre:

Campaign "Heidi and little flowers" in front of dairy industry (Ependes)

Contact: Rudi Berli - 0033/450567821


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