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Milk Price Comparison

Milk Price Comparison

Until 2019, the European Milk Board published information on milk prices.

You will find here the past milk price comparisons:

Milk Price Comparison until August 2019

March 2018 to March 2019

August to November 2018

June to July 2018

February to April 2018

November 2017 to January 2018

August to Oktober 2017

April to July 2017

December 2016 to Mars 2017

July to November 2016

October 2015 to July 2016

March to October 2015


The EMB milk price comparison has been recently reworked to ensure better comparability of farm-gate milk prices within Europe. The updated calculation template shows the farm-gate price with and without dairy-specific surcharges and reductions. Standard values have been set at 4% fat and 3.4% protein.


How are the reported prices calculated and how is the comparison structured?

The updated EMB milk price comparison is structured as follows:

a) In Line A, you have the reported milk price excluding surcharges and reductions received by a dairy for a standard kilogramme of milk with 4% fat and 3.4% protein. This is the milk price that every farmer receives, independent of quality criteria or further grading. To this aim, the farm's milk volume with its fat and protein content is converted to the volume of standard milk with 4% fat and 3.4% protein that the farm would have delivered and then equated with the farm-gate milk price.

b) In Line B, you have the percentage by which the milk price has changed from month to month. As of 2016, it will also be possible to include how the milk price has changed compared to the same month in the previous year 2015.

c) In Line C, you have the price for milk with 4% fat and 3.4% protein including surcharges and reductions paid to the reporting dairy farm.

d) In Line D, you have the farm-gate price for organic milk (with organic premium or basic price organic dairy).


Back payments will only be calculated at the end of the year and taken into account in the average annual milk price. All milk prices are excluding VAT.

The bills correspond each to an individual farm or their dairy. The farms/dairies are each marked with a number which is preceded by the relevant country code. Example: the participating farms in Belgium are numbered as follows: BE1, BE2, etc.