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European Milk Board (EMB)

The European Milk Board lobbies for milk producers in Europe. The Board has members in 16 European countries and cooperates with organisations in many additional states. The EMB represents about 100,000 milk producers. We stand for forward-looking, sustainable milk production in every region of Europe that enables farmers to earn a decent living from their labour. 
The basic prerequisite for this is a milk price that covers the average milk production costs.


Securing cost-covering prices;  Securing sustainable milk production throughout Europe

 –  via flexible adjustment of milk volumes to demand  –

The milk market concerns everyone. A milk market in turmoil has a mid-term and long- term impact on the provision of consumers with fresh and healthy milk products. Farmers going out of production are also reflected in higher unemployment numbers, less value creation in rural areas and changing landscapes.

There are ways out of the current crisis that has the dairy market in a stranglehold. The milk producers – represented by the European Milk Board – and politicians at national and EU level must cooperate to implement these solutions successfully.

The Market Responsibility Programme (MRP) is an instrument that counteracts looming market crises in the milk sector.

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