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Fair Milk


Video: Fair Milk is available in several European countries. Discover all Fair Milk projects here.

Brochure: Take a look at our brochure here to learn more about the different Fair Milk projects.

Criteria: Which criteria Fair Milk in Europe needs to meet? Discover more here (in German and French).

Recipe book (only available in French or German): Fair Milk, so delicious!

Go on a culinary trip with Berthe Elsen's cookbook. You will find recipes withFair Milk from all Fair Milk countries.


What is Fair Milk?

Fair Milk is a European project

Together with its members, the European Milk Board draws attention to the necessity for fair milk prices through campaigns organised under the Fair Milk banner.

In addition to their political and economic activities, Europe's dairy farmers are sending out an active and clear message with Good and Fair that they are taking their fate back into their own hands.

All Fair Milk initiatives have one thing in common: a fair farm-gate price. This is a price that fully covers production costs, enabling farmers to run their farms sustainably. For only with a fair price policy can family farms stay on the market, produce high-quality milk and help conserve cultural landscapes.

Discover all EMB criteria for Fair Milk in Europe in this brochure (in German and French).

Fair Milk in several European countries

Why do we need Fair Milk?

Milk is a valuable foodstuff that many people consume every day as it is or as cheese, yogurt or chocolate. Producing milk involves a lot of work. Yet the prices received by dairy farmers for their milk have steadily fallen since 2001. At the same time, production costs (i.e. fodder costs, rent) have risen dramatically. Tens of thousands of farmers have stopped dairy farming - with dire consequences for many regions in Europe.

To counteract this trend, prices paid to dairy farmers must cover costs. It is with this aim that dairy farmers in many countries across Europe have joined forces, creating the European Milk Board.


What does Fair Milk ensure?

100% fair is 100% future for all!

Fair Milk is good for everyone. Most importantly, it ensures fair milk prices and the survival of local milk production in all regions of Europe. In this way, dairy farms and the cultural landscape that has developed over the years is maintained. This is good for farmers, as well as for everyone who lives in rural areas or spends their vacations in the countryside. It is also good for consumers. An agricultural sector that is fit for the future, together with a caring relationship with nature guarantees rural areas an economic future as well as Europe's food sovereignty.