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Market Responsibility Programme

The Market Responsibility Programme

To be able to counteract looming market crises in the milk sector early and properly in future, additional regulations applicable throughout the EU are required. The EMB and the the German Dairy Farmers' Association BDM have developed a Market Responsibility Programme (MRP) for this purpose.

Application of the MRP

The MRP is a programme for the EU milk sector that is to be used when there is a risk of a milk market imbalance. A combination of monitoring and response to the market enables impending crises to be recognised. A market index is used to indicate the stability of the market. If the index is at 100 points, the market is stable. If it drops, a three-phase programme is activated to react to this instability.

1. Early warning (Market Index falls by 7.5 %)

2. Crisis (Market Index falls by 15 %)

3. Obligatory cutback phase (Market Index falls by 25 %)


More information about the Market Responsibilty Programme