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Study on Milk Production Costs in Denmark

After Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands milk production costs have now also been calculated for Denmark, on the basis of EU data. According to the study carried out by the German BAL (Büro für Agrarsoziologie & Landwirtschaft), in 2014 total production costs of one kilogramme of milk in Denmark were 43,32 cents. After deducting subsidies of 4,33 cents the cost is 38,99 cents per kilogramme of milk in Denmark.

The result includes a so-called income rate, which corresponds to the minimum value that self-employed dairy farmers – both farm managers and family workers – should include in their costs, depending on their professional qualifications. This approach distinguishes this study from the – unfortunately widespread – opinion according to which farm managers and family members working on a farm should hardly or only insufficiently be paid for their work.