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Reality check a major blow to political objectives

The objective of having a regional, independent, and sustainable agriculture cannot be reached with the current EU policy. Reforms are urgently needed!


October 2022 in Germany: Milk production costs covered

Long-term cost coverage as a basic prerequisite for stable production


“Reality check a major blow to political objectives”

Invitation to EMB press conference on January 19 at International Green Week in Berlin


EMB 2022: Year in review

Another eventful year is drawing to a close. Together with the European Milk Board, dairy farmers across Europe have engaged in countless activities, defending the interests of dairy producers, drawing attention to our political demands and presenting our proposals for sustainable farming conditions.

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Brussels: Kjartan Poulsen elected as new EMB Chair by European dairy producers

(Brussels, 20 December 2022) The European Milk Board (EMB) will now be headed by its new Chair, Danish milk producer Kjartan Poulsen. At the EMB’s last General Assembly, German BDM representative Elmar Hannen was also elected Deputy Chair. The previous Board members Boris Gondouin from APLI France, Belgian MIG representative Guy…


Organic milk sector in Germany: Producers only manage to cover 78% of their costs

(Brussels, 15 November 2022) According to the latest production cost and producer price calculations in the organic sector, producers in Germany received an average 52.31 cents/kg of organic milk in the accounting year 2021/22. However, the production costs, including a fair remuneration for farmers, amounted to 66.97 cents/kg.…


July 2022 in Germany: Cost coverage achieved for the first time in the dairy sector

The EU must take measures to stabilise its producer structure


EMB newsletter for September/October online!

Farm work is not “just” farm work. It is called the primary sector for a reason because without it, other economic activities would not be possible. Without farmers, there are no farms, and without farms, there is no food. Politicians seem to have forgotten where their meals come from. They have come to take for granted…


EMB newsletter July/August online!

Since COVID-19 barged into our lives two years ago, we have witnessed many phenomena that have led to positive evolutions in milk prices on our farms, even though, unfortunately, a cost shortfall continues to be a reality in most countries in the EU, especially in France! Production costs have sky-rocketed in all sectors.